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Application to RE-Join Relinquish

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Application to RE-Join Relinquish

Post by DnShorty on Sun May 13, 2012 5:30 am

Hi Relinquish...

I used to be in the guild during the lvl 24 cap but with another char
My ign at that time was RedJane and RedJacket...

You may check with Csy19...

Additional note-- I made the blue Relinquish wallpaper that you're using too.. Can check with Cys19.

IN Game Name:DnShorty
Online time:After 7pm wkdays/wkend almost all the time
Previous Guild:Relinquish (IGN:RedJane)(Force User)
Reason for choosing us as your guild(For reference purposes):Cos i was in ur guild originally...LOL
Date and Time to meet up in game for your recruitment: RIGHT NOW hahazz... till 12am tnght?


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