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[color=red]These are some "Job Titles" and how to get it.[/color]

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[color=red]These are some "Job Titles" and how to get it.[/color]

Post by Bizmark on Sun Nov 06, 2011 10:21 am

100 Cutter - Get 100 kills in Arena

100 out of 100 - Win 100 PvP matches

1000 Cutter - Get 1000 kills in Arena

Almost Won the Lotto - Complete page 2 of the Collection Book

Billionaire - Have at least 500 Gold in storage

Brawler - Complete all 50 Kills achievements

Champion - Complete all 300 Kills achievements

Chit-Chatter - Complete page 3 of the Collection Book

Leadership of Society - Complete page 4 of the Collection Book

Legendary - Complete all 10000 Kills achievements

Master Strategist - Win 1000 PvP matches


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