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How to earn gold fast

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How to earn gold fast

Post by AhBoon on Sun Nov 06, 2011 4:18 pm

Gold is very important in game as it allows you to enhance and repair equipment, buy potions, craft set equipment, craft heraldry plates, etc. It is also one of the currency available for you to trade among players, the other one being Dragon Nest Points.

There are arguments over trading items with Gold and Dragon Nest Points. Gold depreciates in value as more gold is generated as time goes by, but the value of Dragon Nest Points will never drop. However, Dragon Nest Points only allows you to purchase Cash Shop items, while Gold allows you to do various functions in game. So, it is up to you whether you have enough Gold under your disposal such that you need to trade items with Gold or Dragon Nest Points.

Without further ado, here are several ways for you to earn Gold fast in game.

When you reach Lv40, with good equipment, you can attempt the Dark Boundary dungeon (The 36R). The higher level you go, the more item pieces (name unknown in English yet) you can get. These pieces can be exchanged for Rank B Heraldry Plates, and has a very small chance of getting Rank A Heraldry Plates. Usually only Cleric classes are recommended to use them for exchange as some of their Heraldry Plates are relatively more expensive. The other classes can choose to sell them to NPC for gold. Collect the 2 Entry Cards everyday.
Depending on the equipment that current players possess, some of them can be sold. So, don’t sell all the low rank equipment to NPC.
When you get a Dimension Key, keep it and start collecting them. Only use it to open Abyss chests when a Gold Dimension Chest is out. It will give you Rank A Heraldry Plates and High Grade Codes. On the contrary, a Silver Dimension Chest will give you a NPC relationship gift plus several Dimension Pieces if you use the key. Remember, the key will automatically be used whenever you open a chest, regardless if it is Gold or Silver.
Like most of you have already learnt through in-game, you can find a player lower than your level by 9 or more to hunt various abyss dungeons. The final bunny will definitely drop a key or two.
Revert Cubes are quite in demand, and those found from bunny hunting will aid in your gold earning.
Keep all the dungeon drops such as the various gems (Obsidian Fragment, Rough Diamond, etc), equipment crafting materials (Loose Belt, Potencia’s Powder), codes and cubes(Low Grade Revert Code, High Grade Revert Cube). Depending on the market demand, they can be sold for Gold too.
Notice those Jewelry Bags that are given as Mission Board Quest rewards? Just sell them to NPC straightaway without opening them. You will earn a little more than opening all of them and then sell.
Once you reach Lv30 and above, you will have daily achievement quests that rewards you with specific items (Goddess’ Tear and Goddess’ Will). They can be used to exchange for various Rank A equipment of your class, and even a special costume equipment that allows your weapon/accessories to glow. When you no longer need to farm them for Rank A equipment, they can be sold to NPC for gold too.
Are you a hardcore gamer? Create multiple characters! The more characters you have, the more chances to complete Nests you have.
The last thing you would need, will be LUCK! Luck is all it takes.
Oh, there’s another one which is not free. Buy various tradeable cash items and sell to players for gold.
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