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FAQs and Guidelines of Forums

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FAQs and Guidelines of Forums

Post by YuiAiko on Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:49 am

To all members of the Relinquish forums, please try to follow these guidelines when posting. Be considerate about other users too =)

Forum Guidelines

1. Do not spam or double post. Always use the edit button when possible.
2. Do not flame. Say your opinion politely, this can avoid fights with other members, and encourages them to improve their posts instead of feeling intimidated to share something useful.
3. Try not to post sexist or racist posts. Jokes may be fine, but make sure you don't hurt someone's feelings in the process Smile
4. All images and videos have to be edited for public viewing. If you really have to post something like that, warn the user first on the title of the post.
5. Remember to report to our forum moderators and admins if you see any abuse or fights.
6. Try not to post everything in caps, because this is considered as shouting~ This happens alot, but don't repeatedly do it on every post. Everyone can see what you're writing, don't worry.
7. To all moderators and admins of the forums, please do not abuse your power by randomly deleting posts. Thank you ><

Basic netiquettes~ I don't have the right to be strict, but you are encouraged to follow these guidelines~ Smile Thank you so much for your cooperation ^^

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
1. How do I quote someone?
You can either click the 'Quote' button on the post that you want to quote on, or you can use the Quote mini icon (12th button from the left).

2.How do I post an image?
If you have uploaded the image to an image hosting site (eg. Photobucket) ,then use the "Insert Image" icon (16th button from the left) (Unfortunately, Facebook is not a image hosting site, you cannot directly paste FB URLs because the photo is not viewable by public due to privacy settings.)
Paste the direct URL into the box given.

If you have not uploaded the image to a image hosting site, click on "Host an image" icon (15th button from the left)
Choose a file and click "Host it", the URL for sharing will be shown, Copy the link of "Image", then directly paste it on the forum. Unfortunately, after that you can't close the window, so it's a little annoying to type after hosting the image...I recommend if you use that button, type all your text 1st,then only host all your images Very Happy

3. How do I share URLs?
Using the "Insert URL" icon, (17th button from the left) , paste your URL in the 1st box, and the title of the URL in the 2nd box..The name for the URL is optional.

4. How do I share videos?
By using the "Insert a video" icon. (19th button from the left)
Paste the URL of your video. Again, it must be uploaded to a video hosting site, which is viewable by the public.

If I get anymore technical difficulties posted here, I'll update this thread. If the matters that are mentioned here is still unclear and I still get questions, then I'll post images as a guide.
Any new abuse that moderators discovered will be added too.
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