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NPC gifting

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NPC gifting

Post by JZSOMEBODY on Sun Dec 18, 2011 6:53 pm

For those members who are wondering about NPc gifts, here is a guide. Now why do we give gifts to NPC? Reasons are:
1# Friendship points from gift may result in NPC giving back items back to us in our mail box. Sometimes it can be in the form of octagon water, jewels (agates, diamonds, topaz, ruby, obsidian or sapphire) or even crappy stuff to sell like earth ore and etc.
2# Friendship points allow you to exchange your points with Merchant Pero of St Haven for equipment. Note all alliance crafted weapons has better attack and magic attack points compared to the rare or epic with exception to set epics.

When the NPC friendship increase to a certain point, they will first show conversation bubble when you walk pass them and as friendship increase, the words in the bubble also will change. At 90% friendship, you may talk to NPC to get a picture from them to put into the album.
Be aware that some NPC are enemies with each other. Giving gift to their enemies increases aversion rate. When aversion rate reaches 100.00, the friendship with NPC will reset back to 0. How to decrease aversion rate? Give gift to the NPC that has aversion rate and the rate will slowly decrease.
Note: its best to avoid giving gift to NPC with no associations such as Lily or invisible thief as giving gift to them does not add to your association points for you to exchange items with Pero.

Gifts has their catergory:
Normal gifts are looted from monsters
Magic gifts are looted from Silver dimensional bunny
Rare gifts are loot able from Gold dimensional bunny
*Disclaimer: you may sometimes not not get any rare gifts for NPC from gold bunny
Note: Normal, magic and rare gifts differ from dungeon to dungeons. Some dungeons has better rate of a certain gift drop than others. Example: soft feather (normal) for Rupert and Lily has higher rate at Road of no return and Sigh Canyon while sponge cake for Irine, May and Hubert has better rate at Raider Den and Raider Ambush point at Calderock village. Rare gift for NPC such as Anti ageing moisturizer from gold bunny for Stella, Kelly, Lindsay has a better rate at Dark Overlord training camp (Dark Overlord Parade).
Epic gfits exchangable with Wonderful theme park tickets.

As of what gift the particular NPC accepts, who are their aversion, I would like to post this link so that all of us can go view it and decide which NPC to give gift to to avoid aversion rate up and resetting the NPC friendship.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Note the mistake here is that giving gifts to General Douglas or Lena will increase Lady Kayleen's aversion while Popo is actually Pero.


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Re: NPC gifting

Post by YuiAiko on Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:02 am

nice guide~
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Re: NPC gifting

Post by AhBoon on Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:01 pm

nice guide, but a pity not alot of members is using the forums to see this, so lets start off by getting them to use this forum!
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Re: NPC gifting

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