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Paladin Guide

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Paladin Guide

Post by Knightheil on Tue Jan 03, 2012 7:10 pm

Table of Contents:

01 What is a Paladin?

02 Combos


A Paladin is a second job advancement of the Cleric. Paladin is the game's main tanking character. No one can take damage and deal it like them. However Paladin's require a good
amount of skill and knowledge about the Dragon Nest game to use to their full potential.

-Lots of Guard Skills to avoid damage
-Basic Heal Skill
-Defensive Stances
-Great Amount of HP
-Infinite Combo (See Below)
-Not overly Flashy Skills
-Few AoE Skills
-Kinda Boring Training

02 Combos
Combos are CRITICAL to the survival of the Paladin. There is many types of combos that you can utilize and use to your advantage. Below is a list of my favorite combos including the INFINITE COMBO, a combo that only Paladin's can pull off.
(I recommend a MACE to pull these combos off, but hey, to each their own)

Basic Combos:
Hit x 3 +Armor Break
Hit x 3 + Shield Charge
Medium Combo:
Hit x 3 + Sin breaker + Shield Charge
Hit x 3 + Shield Blow + Hit x 3 + Shield Charge
Insane Combo:
Hit x 3 + Shield Blow + Kick + Hit x 3+ Shield Blow + Hit X 3 + Lighting Upper + Hit x 3 + Shield blow (Infinite) (Not Yet Tested, Can Anyone Try?)
Hit x 5 + Shield Blow + Hit x 5 + Lightning Upper + Hit x5 + Shield Blow + Hit x5 + Divine Combo (Infinite)

Credit: PerryX

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