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Force User Energy Reflection Mirror Guide

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Force User Energy Reflection Mirror Guide

Post by Knightheil on Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:16 pm

Functions of Mirror:

1) Damage Booster
The mirror will increase the magical damage dealt to surrounding targets by 20% at lv1, last for 12sec. The AOE of mirror is very large.

How to know if the mobs / boss are affected by the mirror?
You will notice after you cast the mirror, the target will have some small little shield dropping from the body. So far, nothing in dragon nest is immune to this debuff. You should consider spamming the mirror in a 4 or 8 man party if there are others magical damage user, such as priest, elemental lord and other force users in your party because your party members will deal higher damage and benefit from the debuff too.

Does the effect stack if i cast more than 1 mirror?
The effect of the mirror cast by the same force user does not stack even if you cast more than one during time acceleration. However, if the effect of the mirror cast by different force users does stack. In other words, if there are two force user casting mirror in the party, the magical damage dealt can be boosted by 40% in total.

2) Boss Blocker

Apocalypse Nest (Normal/Hellmode):

* Electric Ogre Stage: This is the classic usage of mirror. After the HP reaches HPx1, he will start using his hugging/tackling attack, which is an instant KO if you are not a paladin on avatar mode. Near the last bar of his HP, erect a mirror in front / inside the ogre, and see this cute little dude trying to chase after you/your party members but simply couldn't get near.

Sea Dragon Nest
* Mutant Cerberus Stage: Block the cerberus with the mirror along with other priest's relic to prevent him from moving around.

Archbishop Nest:
* Revived Punisher Blast Stage: He will invincible at the start of the stage and will be chasing you and your party members. Use the mirror to block his advance, while your party members clears all the mobs in front.

3. Projectile Blocker

This feature can be useful at time to block projectiles or the like from bosses.

Some examples are:
* Manticore (Normal/Hellmode): Mirror is especially useful in blocking the chasing tornado summoned by manticore in hellmode.

* Electric Ogre in Apocalypse Nest (Hellmode mode): The chasing lighting ball can be blocked with the mirror. You don't have to run around like others do.

* Monta in Sea Dragon Nest stage 6: The binding vine which is crawling on the floor can be blocked with the mirror.

* Sea Dragon battle: Ice age of sea dragon (Ice bind) can be blocked with mirror. Strictly speaking, this is not even a projectile. It is acts more like a dummy to be frozen on behalf of yourself.

* Darklair: Block the cannons at R19 survival stage.

* Chaos Crevice: Cannon shot by the Tiger at stage 2.

4. Self Blocker

Mirror can be used to block yourself and your party member from falling into the suction hole of stage 2 in sea dragon nest in case you got the poison island.

Credit: chaose5

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Re: Force User Energy Reflection Mirror Guide

Post by AhBoon on Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:20 pm

nice guide for explaining the usage of force mirror to others.

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