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Master/ Apprentice event

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Master/ Apprentice event

Post by YuiAiko on Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:26 am

Since we're having this event [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] , i suggest we utilize the forums as a place to recruit 4 members for the group partnership as i've mentioned in my fb post here [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

How does it works?
There will be 4 people per group.
Example, take W, X, Y and Z.
W will make a character, make it to lv10, and then make X, Y, and Z his master.
after that, train the lv10 character to lv20, u can either ask help from ur masters whenever they're online, and if they're not, u can still party with other ppl as long as u reach lv20
The rest will do the same, such as, X will make a character too, make it lv10, and make W, Y, and Z his master.
In the end, all 4 masters will have 3 apprentices each with lv20
BIG NOTICE : do not level ur lv10 character to lv11 or abv before having 3 masters, or u might need to level more to satisfy other masters hu is late in becoming ur master

What is this post about?
This is where the forum comes in~ Create a thread here with the name "M/A Recruiting Ldr : [Name of leader]"
Please use 'reply post' to reply to that thread to join. I will be editing the main post so dat ur name will b listed on the 1st post. Please do not spam to make it easier for me @@
when it's full, i'll put a [FULL] in the beginning of the title, to let ppl noe that its full n impossible to join anymore.
Example of forum title : [FULL] M/A Recruiting Ldr : YuiAiko

Most important criteria needed in your post is :
Name of group members :

The rest is up to you , write anything to encourage people to join ur group

NOTICE : pls try to fill up the groups before posting a new post to become a new leader, i dont wanna see the whole forum full of new posts, but nobody is joining them

Since there's no special section for this, and not very convenient to create one, i suggest all recruiting post must be made in the General Section.

Last but not least, hav fun and enjoy training Very Happy

YuiAiko aka Candice

PS : hope i can revive the forums with this =)

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