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EL Want to join the Guild :)

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EL Want to join the Guild :)

Post by Haufine on Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:35 am

Heya fellows Smile

IGN: Haufine
Online Time: GMT+2 (5:00pm-8/9pm) everyday // weekends (all day from afternoon to evening) <<< depends on real life situations
Online Days: Everyday
Class: Elemental Lord >>> Pyromancer

Some facts about me:
I am from Europe >> Germany and 23 years old. I got a sorted life with work and so on. I won´t be online all day long cause of this facts.
I am a loyal person which like to help others out but also is excited in taking challanges ( such as solo nests no death and so on).

Some facts about my EL:
Well not much to say i think... LvL 40, Hybrid build, Full manti set, 2x apoc accessoirs, 3300 magic, 5100 crit, 9000 crit resist, 36% fire, 22% ice, 658 FD
Basicly able to solo kinda much ( which i did already Surprised ) but always willed to help out people which are new to nests or not so good equipped.

If i woke your interest and you are fine with a guy from Europe than feel free to contact me ingame during this time or leave me a Mail ingame.
I will come back to you than.

Also reply in thread is fine for me

Cheers, Haufine


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Re: EL Want to join the Guild :)

Post by AhBoon on Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:03 pm

i have already contacted my vet and sgm team to keep a lookout for u already, so yea, it may take some time, but still, we will be constantly pming you.
it be great if u can arrange a time with us so we can meet in game to add u asap =)
Relinquish Temp gm

With Regards,
Condemmer / XAhBoonX
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