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March 3rd SGM Selection

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who is suitable to be sgm? VOTE

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March 3rd SGM Selection

Post by AhBoon on Mon Mar 05, 2012 4:39 am

Every Month, we will hold a sgm selection for at least 1 to be nominated up to be a sgm
and here we are, today is the day!

1st of all
I wish to clarify to all members that if you name is not here, i wish that you will not be OFFENDED in anyways.

all nomination is handpicked by the vets, By submitting 5-10 nominees, and than i will be the one tallying,
the people who have the most nomination by the vets will be up.

for this sgm selection
it will be run-ed differently,
a total of 5 sgm will be selected for this march selection
3 will be via votes,
2 will be via Applications.

1st sgm selected: Azzrie01
2nd sgm selected: Aisto

click the following link to get the format to apply and remember,
posting at the incorrect section will be voided.

So now, who will be the next sgm?
Deadline: 8th march

With Regards,
Your Slurpie 2nd GM

With Regards,
Condemmer / XAhBoonX
Temp-Guild Master / Forum Admin of DN Relinquish slur
AKA Slurpie of Relinquish slur
Temp-Guild Master
Temp-Guild Master

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