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Priest Comprehensive Guide

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Priest Comprehensive Guide

Post by Knightheil on Thu Jan 05, 2012 7:50 pm


You decided to become a Priest, one of the most versatile classes in the game. Congratulations!

Priest is the supporting Character of this game. Priest will always support in teamplay, let it be by Relics, by healing or dishing out some extra DPS. Priests Branch off into 2 different Classes: Inquisitor, The DPS or Saint, The supporter. I do want to note that there are many different kinds of Inquisitors and/ or Saints and you can fill that job in with the idea that you have. Priests are known for Poledancing, Buffing and Zapping away. The advantages that Poledancing and Buffing give, is that you are a Wanted class for Nesting and the one supportive thing that Sets Paladins and Priests apart is that Priests have a Secondary Healing skill namely Healing Relic. Priests also have good defense, hp and mp , Making them durable and possibly even tankers.

However, aside of those advantages,Priests also have weaknesses. They are Slow and have low Superarmour. A priest focussing on DPS will never have the same DPS that for instance a Damage Dealing class like Sorcerer or Archer has. So Overall there arent that many disadvantages.

From the explanation above, let me translate them into the pros and cons of a Priest:

(+) Pros:
Priest is a Support class of the game.
Priest has many Buffs and 2 good heal skills.
Priest has a very big MP mod, defense and magic defense. Decent HP stat, not as good as Paladin.
Priest is a very good choice of class in a long run nest because of its high survivability, good HP/MP Mods and supportability.
Priest's Smallscale offensive spells have a low cooldown, bigger ones like Bind Relic and Holyburst have a longer cooldown.
Priest has powerful buffs to increase Defense, Lightattack and Magic/ Physical attackpower making them a wanted party class.
Priest is known for Poledancing in PVP. They Protect members in their team with healing/cure relics. While annoying and harrassing the opponents with Lightning Poles, Lightning skills. They can even snatch a fair amount of kills this way.

(-) Cons:
However, a Priest, being the slowest class in the game, are victims for every fast classes if you are not careful.

You have to outsmart the speed of every opponent you have using your Poles, dodges and Bindings.

However, a Priest has lowest DPS compared to other classes.

However, a Priest has a few to no evasion skills aside of Aerial Evasion and Sidestep. Block is not counted as an evade skill as you still take hits.

Upon reaching level 45, one can choose to become either a Saint or an Inquisitor.

The Inquisitor. A Magical DPS/ Semi-Support class .

Inquisitors focus more on DPS then actual support. They are prone to killing enemy's faster then their Saint counterpart using a Wide aray of Lightning skills. Inquisitors rely on certain combinations to kill effectively, for instance Chain Lightning-> Detonate. The Inquisitor can be considered to be more of a PVP class. Inquisitors can go a few ways. After all they can be DPS or Semi-Support . A semi Supporting Inquisitor can also be called a Hybrid. Hybrids snatch a little of the Saint skill tree to use the Relics for their own benefit. An inquisitor will always have buffs like Saint, only to a lesser extent in Skill Level. An Inquisitor will Focus alot on the Lightning tree with skills like LightningBolt, Chainlightning, Detonate. Preferable Buffs to have are the Lightbuff that increase your lightning damage and atleast a lvl 3 Striking (With the lvl 2 Armor buff Pre-req). Inquisitors focus alot on Light% Damage, Magic attack and Int.

The Saint. The Supporting/Harassing Class.

Saints focus mainly on the Relic tree. They support the main team while providing little to low DPS. After all its not our Job to deal damage, there are other ponies for that. Saints have a wide variety of buffs in which they support their classes with. Most favorable the Defense +% Buff and +% Physical Attack/Magic Attack. Alongside these great buffs we have Relics that support in A) Damaging , B) Trapping or C) Curing/Healing. PVP wise Saints rule the Group PVP rooms. They usually can sway the win or losses with their buffs and healing. Saints don't only support party's using Relics and Buffs. They invest little Skill damage in the lightning tree. The minimum to get what they need. The Plus side of having buffs+ Low level skills is that The buffs cause your "Low" DPS to rise up to a proper level of DPS. You invest little SP in skills but get a huge output thanks to the buffs. Saints generally focus on Magic Attack and Int.


Okay, down to builds! In this section, I will explain about some builds that I recommend the most. To be noted, some of these builds are taken from other foreign versions like DNCN, JP, etc.

The DPS Inquisitor Build

This build focusses heavily on the DPS side of Priest. They use the Left Skilltree to their utmost capabilities and also obtain the skill Heaven's Judgement. They Ditch the Relic tree side. They also have the minimum amount needed in buffs. Meaning Lvl 5 Lightbuff, Lvl 2 Shell and Lvl 3 Striking. This build is for the kind that like to be killing Machines and also great @ PvP. The only downside I can think of with this build is that you don't really fit the Criteria as DPS as well as a lets say Sorcerer would. And partywise you will get opted out over a saint due to not high enough buffs.

Hybrid Inquisitor

This type of Inquisitor Maintains their DPS status while putting in Minimal effort in the Relic tree up to the relic they want, let it be lightning relic + Healing relic or even up to Bind Relic. Hybrid Inquisitors try to have the best of both worlds. The minimum amount they have to spent in buffs is respectively Lvl 5 Lightbuff, lvl 2 Shell and Lvl 3 Striking. Their Damaging skills will have to suffer slightly to follow this build but are more effective in PVE then the Full DPS Inquisitor.

Full Support Saint

This Relic Hugging tree totally ignores the Left DPS tree. They Put on the Pure focus for Relics, Buffs and Heals. They want whats best for the party and function amazingly in Party play. They are a little Poor in Soloing in comparison to Hybrid Saints. But hey, support class is support class, we aren't meant to solo! As you are the supportive type of Saint you have to work efficiently with your CD's because as soon as your Relics are on CD and you have buffed everyone, you don't really much else to do but dodge. This is the "Lazier"variant to the full potential of Saint. Because you Follow the Relic Tree your Ultimate will be Miracle Relic helping your party further in reaching their max Potential. Full Support Saints are not PVP material.

Hybrid Saint

Hybrid Saints are similar to Hybrid Inquisitors as they try to obtain the best of both worlds. Whereas Inquisitor Sacrifice Damage , Saints sacrifice a little on Buffs. They invest the minimum amount of SP in the Lightning Tree. Meaning that they put in enough points to unlock the next skill they want. The Reason why you see quite alot of Hybrid Saints is the pure fact that if you can't find a proper party, you could still Solo the Dungeon if needed. Another plus to Hybrid Saints is that they can work functionally in PVP unlike FS Saints. Because they do have some damaging and killing skills.

Have Gears that are atleast +8. Remember that +10 Green=+8 Blue=+6 Epic.

It doesn't really matter . Potentials you should really look out for are Potentials that increase your magic attack by a % or your Light Attack by a %. Agi/Crit is always wanted and try to balance out your HP/MP using the potentials. Intellect potentials are also greatly appreciated.

Accessories (Rings, Necklace and Earring)

Aim for the best you can get. Preferably Rings/Necklace/Earring with an as high as possible Int bonus on them. There are Rings for Inquisitors that have a standard light % Bonus that helps increase their Lightning Skills. For potentials on Jewelry you should aim for having Int , Light and Magic attack %. Preferably Magic attack % on the Rings if you're going for Saint so that your Relics will do better damage.


Although suffixes are not as important as the gears themselves, suffixes are also important. Many players desperate of having a mischoice of suffix. In this section, you can find the most suitable suffixes for your gears depending on your build. Okay, here we go.


You might want these suffixes below on your weapons:

1. Int: This suffix gives you extra damage at a certain %

2. Fatal: This suffix gives you extra critical rate which is crucial for Critbuildpriests . All classes need critical rate yooo.

3. Harsh: People always recommend this for the lulz. Gives bleed effect.

4. Magical Destruction: This suffix increases your magic attack more.


As for armors, this all down to your preferences, seriously. My personal suffixes for my gears are mostly INT and Iron Wall to balance between MATK and HP, some use Luck builds for PVP but thats up to you. For PVE INT / Iron Wall is best. You could put Wind Heraldy if you're the critbuild Priest.

Enhancement & Skill Heraldries

Finally, the Heraldry. Heraldry is one factor that make Dragon Nest a unique game. With heraldry you can improve your character's ability and capabilities in terms of skill and stats. To do this, you need the corresporending heraldries and equip it in your heraldry slot. The heraldry window can be found by clicking the "Heraldry" tab below the Costume tab in your equipment below. Now, let me explain you the best heraldries you must get from Cleric - Priest- Saint/Inquisitor

In my Eyes the Enhancement Heraldies you should look out for are
Wise Heraldy
Magician's Heraldy
Fatal Heraldy
Vitality Heraldy
Mp Regen Heraldy
Defense/ Magic Defense Heraldy
These are the Heraldies I have selected for my character. I could tell you what Heraldies you should get but I think everyone knows these things already but I will elaborate the ones I have for now. You can experiment in your own way, this is only a guidance not a Rulebook.

Wise and Magician Heraldy increase your magical attack and Int. Even int grants a small magic attack bonus.

Defense/Magic Defense Heraldy makes sure I survive long Enough in Nest in case I am forced to Tank( Cerberus anyone?) MP Regen is there for the long run. We have already experienced in Dungeons like Saint Haven that the Dungeons are Very long so having a worthwile MP bar+ MP recovery is worth your money and time. I have the Fatal Heraldy to increase my Critrate. Vitality is for the same reason I run Defense/Magic Defense Heraldy. Having a bonified HP stat makes sure you don't die fast and makes you durable in supporting your team.

There are other heraldies you could check out like Para Resist or Stun Resist, but those are more PVP oriented. As I said...Think out/ Experiment what Heraldy settings you like as long as you atleast get Wise and Magician's Heraldy Because they are a must.

PvP Tactics

Priests dont have very Viable tactics. The Main tactic which all priests will use is the Tactic of Trap and Kill.

By Trap and Kill I mean that they use Holybolt + Electrocution status to make their opponent easily accesible and Combo them. Your Main Key as a Priest is to keep your enemies electrocuted. For an Inquisitor I can't say all that much on PVP but I can Imagine that its pretty head on playstyle. For saints however who have to use Relics more efficiently there are a few tips and tricks. You could find them on the forum but I will enlist some here.

Poledancing: This is one of the main things a Priest will do. Throw down relics and stick to them. The enemy will have to come to you one way or the other. Its the most common strategy in Team PVP. In huge open maps priest places their Lightning Relics in the center as to hit the most enemy's possible.

Support: You will support your team in PVP as much as u can by spreading Chaos and electrocution with your relics. Your main goal is to keep people buffed, healed and help harass for a win. This strategy is only usefull in Team PVP and most adored by your fellow team members.

Credit: Scenekidlove

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Re: Priest Comprehensive Guide

Post by YuiAiko on Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:00 pm

lovely guides knight Very Happy
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Re: Priest Comprehensive Guide

Post by Knightheil on Fri Jan 06, 2012 8:28 pm

Thanks. Very Happy

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Re: Priest Comprehensive Guide

Post by AhBoon on Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:49 pm

nice one!
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Re: Priest Comprehensive Guide

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