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Instance Guide for SSS Evaluation

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Instance Guide for SSS Evaluation

Post by Knightheil on Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:35 pm

Like most fighting games, there is an evaluation system in Dragon Nest after an instance is cleared. The evaluation is based on scores of all stages and has a direct impact on Exp and items players will win. Therefore, it is crucial to gain a high evaluation to obtain more rewards, but how? Next, let's show you the way.

After entering a instance, you will see a variable score in the centre of the right interface. That is the score system which will determine your instance evaluation, so please pay more attention to it.

Number of Being Attacked, Combos, Skill Combos, Pursuit, Shield Break, Buff Break, Monster Killing, Item Collection, Skill Release, Skill Hit Rate, Item Use.

Each factor will bring different scores to different classes. For example, high combos and more times of shield + buff break decide warriors' high evaluation. While the small number of being attacked and high skill combos + skill release + pursuit are main factors for archers to gain a high evaluation.

Detailed explanations
Number of Being Attacked: Your score will be deducted according to your damage when being attacked by monsters.

Combo: Points will be added to your score based on the number of your combos after your combo is completed or interrupted.

Skill Combo: Points will be added to your score if you release combined skills by combining common attacks and skills.

Pursuit: When monsters are stricken to the sky (by you or your teammates) and you continue to attack, your score will increase.

Shield Break: Busting through shields of monsters will add points to your score.

Buff Break: When monsters unleash buff skills on themselves, interrupting the buff will add points to your score.

Monster Killing: If monsters are killed by your final strike, your score will increase.

Item Collection: Picking up items or potions successfully will add a few points to your score.

Skill Release: Your score will increase slightly each time you release skills.

Skill Hit Rate Damage: Your skill's hit rate will affect how many points will be added to your score.

Item Use: A few points will be added to your score every time you use potions from your inventory.

Extra Points will be added to your score when all stages are completed.
Used Time: The shorter the time, the more the bonus points
The Most Combos: The largest number of combos formed in all stages, the larger the number, the more bonus points.
Number of Passers: Points will be added according to the number of party members who pass through all stages.

In conclusion, how to gain a high evaluation?

1. Maximize combos and damage output.
2. Kill monsters and bosses with a final strike
3. Smash shields and buffs.
4. Don't get hit by monsters

That is to say, you should cast those high-damage-output skills to kill monsters with a final strike or break their shields and buffs.

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